CEO’s Message

James H. Kim,
Chief Executive Office (CEO)

“What is the right food for your plants?”

This will be the common question for any plantation developers, anywhere in the world. Like any other living things, plants have an equal need for food. Food provides nutrients to encourage healthy foliage growth and strong roots that results with healthy plants.
At Everchem Corporation, we strive to find the key answers to these core issues.
Everchem Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd., incorporated in the year 2000 has experienced tremendous growth in this industry. Like any other industry, we have our ups and downs. We are blessed with the support of our well established management and improvement system, aligned with our long-term vision.

Going back when it all started, we are committed in creating a difference by offering customer-focused services as our main objective. We value the trust given to us by our stakeholders, namely our associate companies, suppliers, buyers and most importantly – our loyal customers. With this opportunity, I sincerely thank you for your continuous support.
Our mission is to fulfil our customers’ core needs at an accessible price while providing a product that exceeds their expectations. A vision is what makes us sustain in this ever changing business world. We always believe in innovation and quality product.

“Innovation for customers while loving the environment.”

We at Everchem Corporation are committed in improving the market by sharing the knowledge of our research and findings.

James H. Kim

Born in Masan, Republic of Korea

Studied at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul (BA)

MBA at UBI, Belgium

EMBA at Seoul National University

Visiting Professor, Depart of international trade and logistics, Kyungnam University, Republic of Korea