Touching Base with Malaysian Agro Industries at AGRI Malaysia 2018

Representatives from Everchem were fortunate enough to pay a visit to the Malaysia International Agriculture Technology Exhibition on Friday, the 28thof September 2018. It took place at Setia City Convention Centre 2 in Shah Alam over a period of two days beginning September 27th2018. More than a hundred companies has set up exhibition booths here, and Everchem has the opportunity to visit all these booths to learn more about the products and services they offer.

The exhibition covered many sub-categories in the Agricultural field, including crop protection, seed technology, smart farming innovations, tractors and implements, irrigation, biotechnology, and of course fertilizers. The exhibition was endorsed by the Ministry of Agriculture and involved many stakeholders from the different crop specialties in Malaysia, especially palm oil, rubber, cocoa and even durians.

The exhibition was a great platform for different businesses to meet each other and to network. It also allowed us at Everchem to generate business leads. AGRI Malaysia has always been a place where the latest technologies from different agricultural companies are showcased. As such, we were fortunate to be able to see what others in the industry have developed and to explore ways in which we may cooperate with them in the future.

There were many talks and presentations available to visitors at AGRI Malaysia 2018. The Industry Talks on Fertilizers were especially interesting. There were several of these on Day 2, including a session called ‘Fertilizers – How Does it Affect Your Crop Yield and Quality’ by Mr. Chin Weng Fei from Yara International (M) Sdn. Bhd. and another informative presentation by Mr. Nicolas Macaigne from TIMAB Magnesium called ‘Control Release Magnesium Fertilizer’ or ‘CR-Mag An Innovation in Magnesium Fertilizers’.

The outdoor demonstration area was also very useful and informative. Here, live demos of new and innovative agricultural products, like an agricultural drone, Farm ATVs, a Minidumper and high-pressure fertigation pumps were carried out throughout the day.

Within the exhibition area, we were fortunate to be able to experience a little snippet of REDtone’s smart greenhouse system and smart aquaculture system developed via the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This was one of several booths and companies bringing Industry 4.0 into the agricultural sphere. The fourth industrial revolution is the latest wave of technology that involves elements like autonomous robotics, 3D printing, big data, augmented reality and so on.

Encounters like these allow us at Everchem to learn the latest technological advances happening in the agricultural industry. This helps to keep us relevant and up to date with the most progressive approaches to date.

Platforms like Agri Malaysia 4.0 are something that we at Everchem support and will continue to participate in. Not only does it open doors for business co-operations and future projects, it allows us to access ideas on how we can improve ourselves to serve our customers better. We hope to participate in more exhibitions and conventions like this in the future, for the benefit of our brands and customers.