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Slow Release Fertilizer – The New Age Agriculture

Slow release fertilizer, such as the type developed by Greenfeed Company, promotes some positive contributions to the agricultural industry. A slow release fertilizer, as the name indicates, releases its nutrients slowly into the soil over a long period of time.

Daebak Slow Release Fertilizer

The difference between the slow release fertilizer and the conventional soluble fertilizer is mainly on how the nutrients are transferred to the plants. When slow release fertilizer is used, the coated layer of the fertilizer pallet will evaporate, and the pallet containing nutrient will be absorbed into the soil. The nutrients are then slowly released over a period of 6 to 9 months. This provides the plant with enough nutrients for at least 6 months.

On the other hand, conventional fertilizers release the nutrients at once into the soil as soon as they dissolve into water. This causes the fertilizer effect to wear off quicker while leaching off a portion of fertilizer into the ground.

Credit: Milorganites’s Website

One advantage of the slow release fertilizer includes a reduced frequency to fertilize the crops. In large agricultural lands, a high amount of energy, labour and time are needed to fertilize the whole field. While most conventional fertilizer has to be applied at least three times a year, the whole process can be completed in only one application using slow release fertilizer. This in return saves cost, time and energy.

By providing benefits such as mentioned above, there is a high chance that slow release fertilizer will become the future of agriculture.