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Ways to Protect your Plants during Extreme Weathers

Every region around the globe faces extreme weathers once a while. Some days will be too hot while someday will face violent rain and storms. In these extreme weather, it is very easy for young plants to be uprooted or damaged in the heavy rain and wind, and to dry up and die off in the extreme heat.

In these weathers, it is important to take good measures to look after your plants. Shared below are some tips to ensure your plants’ good health in extreme weathers.

Heavy Rains

Protect the roots

To protect the roots of a young plant, spread mulch around the roots of the plant. A three-inch layer of mulch can protect the plant for after rain cold damage. Some examples of mulch include grass clippings or wood chippings.


To protect the plant from getting damaged due to strong winds, you can simply cover the plant using a pail or bucket. This will prevent the strong wind from ripping off the tree leaves and fragile branches of young plants.

Hot weather

Provide sufficient hydration

On hot days, your plants can easily dry up. One easily noticed the sign of dehydration in plants includes softened leaves. In order to help your plant stay hydrated, place some mulch about three inches around your plant. The mulch will store water once you water your plant and will allow the plant to obtain water from it.

Next, place some shade cloth over your garden. This will help block out extra sunlight but enough to enable your plants to carry out their vital processes for a living. Be careful not to place the shade too close to your plants. They need space to breathe too.