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Phosphorus Depletion and Wastage

Phosphorus is a crucial ingredient in many types of fertilizers. It is important to use phosphorus fertilizer. However, the use of phosphorus is extensive and the resources are very limited. There are only a few phosphorus mines in the world. Being a non-renewable resource, the amount of phosphorus is depleting due to the usage in the fertilizer industry.

There is no international institution to govern the usage of phosphorus in various industries. Therefore, a team of 40 phosphorus experts has decided to raise a concern and take action on the extensive use of the natural element in the various industries. According to the expert group, there are no international bodies designed to govern global phosphorus resources. Resources are managed by local or national authorities and often, regulations and technologies are not up-to-date.

This results in the over usage of this mineral affects both the existing phosphorus resource and also the environment. Although the use of phosphorus is very essential to crops, a large amount of it is still wasted into the environment. Phosphate runs off into lakes and ponds create an adverse effect on the environment. If not governed properly, the experts warn that the environment can highly be polluted.

The over usage of this naturally occurring mineral can also cause its depletion. If phosphate is depleted and inadequate to serve as the source in fertilizer, farmers will have a tough time growing food for the fast-growing population of the world. The usage of this mineral has to be closely monitored for two reasons: avoid depletion and to minimize its effects onto the environment.