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Aeroponic plantation

In this ever revolutionary world, new technology is developed in a short period of time. In terms of agriculture, many new ways of plantation are developed. One of the ways is aeroponics plantation.

What is aeroponic plantation?

Aeroponic is a recently developed form of technology where plants are grown in an environment with air or mist. In this method, soil or an aggregate medium is not used.

How does it work?

The plants are suspended in a closed or partially closed environment. The dangling roots of the plants are sprayed with a nutrient-rich liquid. This liquid provided all the vital nutrients to the plants. The leaves extend above a support structure and are exposed to light that is either installed above the plants or in semi-closed structures, the plants absorb natural light from the sun.

Caring for aeroponic plants

Aeroponic plants are protected by keeping pests away. Since some plants are not fully protected from the outside environment and thus can be attacked by pests, regular schedules of pesticide application are followed. In a closed environment, however, there is a low risk of the plants being attacked by pests.


  1. Space-saving
  2. Easy to care for as the plants are safe from outside pests


  1. Proper skills are needed to ensure adequate nutrients reach the plants
  2. Costly as the installation and maintenance is expensive