Protect Your Plants Effectively with Silica Fertilizers

Silica is an element that is found naturally in plants. It’s also known as Silicon Dioxide, and is a type of natural element that helps plants maintain their shape and structure. Silicon itself is not found in a pure form in nature but often fused with oxygen to form Silica.

Here at Everchem, we provide Silica in the form of powders and granules. Silica appears like a fine white to off-white powder or granule, with some sparkle to it from the presence of the silicon mineral.

Silicon is a macronutrient, which means that it’s one of the main elements needed by plants to grow and survive. Silicone is found quite commonly in nature. They’re found in quartz, in the sand at the beach is used in glassmaking.

Silicon is often neglected by planters when they want to fertilize their plants. Instead, many choose fertilizers with only Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorus since these macronutrients are deemed to be the most important for plants to conduct photosynthesis.

Boost Your Plant’s Metabolism!

Experts usually don’t mention Silicon all that much when recommending fertilizers. However, plants can benefit a lot from having more Silica in the ground. Here’s how they can help your plant’s physical health.

  • They’re important in making stronger plant cells. Silicon forms the ‘pillars’ needed to make plant cell walls. Therefore, providing your plants with silica allows them to produce stronger cells much faster, as there isn’t a lack of raw materials.
  • Since cells can grow faster, you can expect your plants to have bigger leaves and stems. Larger leaves and stems mean higher productiveness from your palms too. Photosynthesis will be much more vigorous, and therefore there will be more fruits in the long run.
  • Research has shown that plants that have more Silicon in their system have a higher metabolism, which means they perform photosynthesis faster and even grow faster. This means your plants will mature in the fastest time possible.

Multiple studies have shown that Silicon helps protect your plants from various negative elements, including:

  • Environmental stress, including drastic changes in temperatures. This is particularly important for outdoor plantations located in slightly elevated areas where the day and night temperatures vary drastically.
  • Drought caused by environmental disasters. In this day and age, environmental phenomena such as El Nino, La Nina and others can cause a long delay in rainfall.
  • Molds and Bacteria that target plants, such as the Ganoderma fungus that attacks oil palm roots. These infectious pathogens will have a hard time penetrating into the plant as the Silicon will form a hard barrier.
  • Insect pests will also have a hard time infesting the plant because of the solid structural defenses brought about by increased Silicon.

Comprehensive Protection with Just One Fertilizer

Plants are exposed to all sorts of stressors, and you can help them fight it off. Everchem’s Silica Fertilizer provides the help you plants need to stay free from infection and environmental stress!

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