Controlled Release Fertilizer

Made by polymer coated to provide long term, uniformed and sustainable release of nutrients to crops. It granular fertilizer to open field-based application, providing crops with essential nutrients for initial development. CFR are only affected by one factor – soil temperature, and therefore releases nutrient at a more predictable rate.


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  • Uniformed and balanced development of plant 
  • No effect Fertilizer burn
  • Less fertilizer, less labor, more cost-effective
  • Longevity between 9 to 12 months
  • Proven performance in many crops
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Available in Granular Form
  • different NPK ratio can be tailor-made to meet customers’ requirements.

Type of Product:

  • NPK 20/9/12+3Mg0+TE
  • NPK 8/8/8 +2MgO
  • NPK 18/7/9 +2MgO
  • NPK 18-6-8
  • Other product NPK-ratio can be tailor-made for customer request. 

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