Manage the Boron in Your Plants with Boric Acid Fertilizers

Boron (B) is a micronutrient that plants really need to function on a normal basis. Although Boron is readily available in nature through the soil, this element can easily be depleted and cause problems to your crops, including oil palms.

One rich source of Boron is Boric Acid fertilizers. It appears as a crystalline powder that is white in color. Boric Acid is made by reacting borax with a mineral acid. The resulting Boric acid is a weak organic acid that isn’t strong, and can release the Boron element easily.

Boric acid is a unique fertilizer. At lower concentrations, it functions as an important nutritional source. However, at a higher concentration, Boric acid is a potent algaecide, herbicide and pesticide that can control the infestation of weeds and insect pests.

Versatile Application Method

Boric Acid is one fertilizer that can be applied both through the leaves and through the soil . This versatile application method suits different crops well. Some crops are able to absorb better through the foliar spray method whereas others can absorb Boron through the roots.

When used on leaves, Boric acid should be dissolved in water and sprayed evenly. However, if Boric Acid is applied to the soil, it can be applied as a dried powder without the need for it being dissolved in any water. The natural moisture in the soil will dissolve it and make it available in the soil.

Our Boric Acid fertilizer powders can be used in a versatile way. However, the concentration of Boric Acid should not be too high. Ideally, whether sprayed on leaves or applied to soil, there should not be more than 0.5- 5.0 mg of Boric Acidpowder per one Liter of warm water.

If the concentration of boric acid goes too high at more 10mg per Litre, Boric Acid can become toxic to the plant. This is because Boron uptake into plants cannot be controlled by the plants themselves and is dependent on the Boron concentration in their surroundings.

Boric Acid: A Ready Source of Boron

Boric Acid is a rich source of Boron, with up to 17.5% availability. This makes it an even richer source of Boron than Borate Fertilizers or Borax. On average, one hectare of land only needs about 4-7.5 kg of Boric Acid Fertilizer, making it a very affordable option.

Boric Acid powders are a very highly soluble form of Boron, and can be used in both diluted and non-diluted forms.

Boric acid is completely safefor your plants and it is an organic form of weak and harmless acid that is odorless, stainless, colorless and is not caustic.

Additionally, Boric Acid can also double up as an insecticide, herbicide and algaecide to protect your plantation from unwanted pests. When Boric Acid is used at much higher concentrations, it can take on a different role which allows you to accomplish more with just one product