Indoor plants: what you should know

Indoor plants are plants the grow inside the house. They include a variety of plants: flowery, tropical and palms. Indoor plants an essential component for interior designing. The lush green colors lighten up space and can enhance mood.

If you have a little or no backyard, indoor plants might be your best choice to connect to nature at the comfort of your home. Indoor plants are not only beautiful and beneficial, but they are also very easy to take care of if a few steps are followed.

Planting indoor plants

Usually, indoor plants are already planted in pots from the nursery itself. However, if the plants come in plastics, they will have to be replanted into pots. Choose a pot that is suitable for the plant size.

As time passes and as your plant outgrows your pot, you will have to change the pot to a larger one. If you plan to grow bulbs, you will have to grow them on your own as the nurseries do not usually sell bulbs.

How to choose your plants

A good and healthy root system – when getting a plant, check first the roots, that is if the plant is small. Healthy roots are thick and light in color.

Foliage – check the foliage of a plant before you buy it. Foliage should be thick enough for the plant to be healthy. Just check if you can see through it. If you can, then it is not healthy, but if you can’t see through it, then it is healthy.

Check for disease – when buying a plant, check first for any diseases. A healthy plant should be free from white dots on the leaves, sticky residue and odor.