Daebak’s FMP Fertilizers: The Best Fertilizer for Tropical Countries

Running a plantation is hard work, and you want to make sure you give the best to your plants. In the oil palm industry, optimal output is important in order to keep up production levels and profit margins. 

Only the healthiest oil palms produce an abundance of fruit. To make sure that your palm trees are at the peak of health, you need to give them the best nutrients in the form of a fertilizer. This is just like giving your children the best vitamins to help them grow.


FMP Fertilizers Are Vitamins For Your Plants!

Fused Magnesium Phosphate Fertilizers are multi-element fertilizers with all the basic nutrients your plants need. They’re made from natural ores without any chemicals being added.  Daebak’s FMP fertilizer is the best basic fertilizer you can give your palms.

The main ingredients in our FMP fertilizers are:

  • Phosphorus  (P205):  15-17%,    
  • Magnesium  (MgO):  15-18%,  Ca0:  28-34%
  • Silicon  dioxide  (Si02):  24-30%
  • Trace elements:  Fe,  Mn,  Zn,  Cn,  Mo,  B 

FMP fertilizers appear as a sandy grain that’s greenish-grey or black in color. The fertilizer is also available in powder form as an extra option. 

Both Phosphorus and Magnesium are essential minerals for any plant to perform their basic function, such as carrying out photosynthesis and the transport of water and nutrients throughout all plant parts. 

How is the FMP Fertilizer Different?
Although there are other Phosphate fertilizers available, such as Super Phosphate and Diammonium Phosphate (DAP), FMP stands out due to its uniqueness.

FMP fertilizers are non-water soluble. This means that it won’t wash away or dissolve with heavy rains. The fertilizer is very suitable for countries that experience heavy rainfall, even all year round. Palm oil plantations will definitely benefit as the plantations are found in tropical countries, where rain is constant. The fertilizer will not be affected by floods either, and can withstand lowland areas that flood regularly.

FMP fertilizers are actually soluble in citric acid, which is generated by the surface of plant roots. The solubility of FMP in this 2% citric acid environment reaches 99%. This means that you don’t have to water the plants or wait for it to rain in order for the fertilizer to be absorbed by the plant.

The FMP fertilizers can increase water retention in soil, ensuring that plants don’t get dehydrated during hot weather. In coastal plantations, FMP is also able to de-salinate soil by removing excess salts that can damage plant health.

FMP fertilizers are alkaline in nature, with a pH of 8.0-8.5. Unlike the other phosphate rich fertilizers, it’s safe to be applied close to the roots as it won’t have a corrosive effect. Its alkaline nature will neutralize acidic soils, which make this very suitable for use in acidic soil environments.

FMP stays in the soil for a long time, due to the fact that it’s not water soluble. This means it won’t get washed out, or combine with iron molecules in the soil to form a precipitate. Precipitated fertilizers cannot be absorbed by the plants and are considered unusable.

Everchem’s FMP fertilizers can also be stored for a very long time. They’re not sensitive to moisture damage or rain, since they don’t absorb moisture. You don’t have to worry about the fertilizers going bad in a short time.

Environmentally Friendly and Completely Safe

Planters can use Daebak’s FMP fertilizer with peace of mind. It’s made with a natural ore Apatite, which replenishes the Magnesium and Phosphate in the soil to ensure that your palms or  other plants perform to the best of their potential.



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