Slow Release NPK Fertilizers Provides Long Lasting Nutrition

NPK fertilizers provide important nutrients to plants. They are integral in maintaining the richness of planting soils in order to maximize and optimize the output of crops across the board. NPK fertilizers consist of the top three elements needed by plants, namely Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

In the past, farmers and planters relied on conventional NPK fertilizers to help their plants stay healthy. However, these traditional forms of NPK fertilizers had to be used in high amounts in order to be effective. This was because a large portion of the fertilizers were lost due to leaching and the volatility of the mineral elements themselves.

Modern technology and research has managed to help solve this problem by introducing slow release fertilizers. Realizing the importance of this technology, Everchem has developed the Evermax Slow Release Fertilizer NPK (SRF NPK).

How is SRF NPK Different?

Our slow release fertilizers are coated with a layer of water soluble nitrogen and zeolite. Zeolite is a safe, silica based element that can carry all sorts of chemical ions. In this case, they carry Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. When Zeolite comes into contact with moisture in the soil, it breaks downs and releases its mineral elements into a form that’s easy for plants to pick up and absorb.

Apart from moisture, temperature also influences the rate at which the Zeolite releases the N,P and K. The final factor that influences NPK’s diffusion here is microbial activity.  The layer of Zeolite protects the NPK fertilizer from being diffused into the soil all at once and leaching off instead of being absorbed by the crops.

Therefore, SRF NPK is able to release nutrients at a prolonged and uniformed pace. This pace will ensure that a steady stream of NPK reaches your plants. Evermax’s SRF NPK has the following benefits too;

  • It’s packaged in a versatile nugget form. This shape is really easy to handle and not messy. You don’t need any special tools to apply it and it can be done with gloved hands. Other forms like granules are available too, and can be manufactured to suit your crop’s needs.
  • The fertilizer has a long life span and can provide NPK for your crops for up to 9 months or 12 months.
  • The fertilizer is environmentally friendly and completely safe to use, as Zeolite is a silicon based carrier that doesn’t react with anything in nature and is isn’t toxic at all.
  • Minimizes leeching of key nutrients by enveloping them in a protective layer that will only break upon contact with specific environmental factors.
  • Cost effective as compared to conventional NPK fertilizers. You don’t need as much as the lifespan of the SRF NPK is pretty long.
  • Easy uptake by roots which means fast absorption rates. Uniformed release over a long period of time means that your roots get a constant supply of NPK and will grow as an optimized pace.

Tailor Your Own SRF NPK

There are two pre-manufactured NPK rations available, namely N:P:K at a ratio of  12/12/17 +2Mg0+TE  and 15/15/6+4Mg0+TE. Other ratios are available and can be produced upon request.

NPK is such an important part of a plant’s life, and can determine the wellbeing of your crops. As such, we are committed to delivering the best quality SRF NPK to you for the future of your plantation and business.