EverMax Borate Fertilizer: Providing Long Term Peace or Mind

Boron is a mineral element that’s considered an essential micronutrient for plants, especially in acidic and sandy soils where Boron is deficient. In agriculture, Boron can be applied to plants in several ways. One is in the form of Borax or Sodium Borate. It’s a type of salt that releases Boron into the soil in a slow and prolonged manner.

Boron is essential for you crops. They’re really important for:

  • Promoting increased crop yield per harvest
  • Increasing plant firmness as it controls the movement of Calcium in cell walls
  • Increases cell production in roots, shoots and leaves, leading to more rapid growth
  • Rapid transfer of plant sugars and other nutrients throughout the plant.
  • Faster metabolism, which means that the plant will carry photosynthesis much faster.
  • Increased flower and fruit production per harvest year.
  • Improving reproduction cycles by regulating plant hormone levels better

EverMax’s Borate Fertilizers are optimized to achieve all these things and more!

Soils naturally have Boron, but they can be depleted, especially in areas where the soil is sandy and acidic. Humid and tropical area soils can have very low Boron too, as well as areas where there is a low amount of other organic matter. Boron can be insoluble if the soil becomes very acidic, which is when the pH drops below pH6.5. This means Boron is tied up in a salt form and can’t be soluble in the ground. In essence, Boron depletion is particularly problematic in coastal plantations, which are the ones near the sea.

EverMax’s Borate fertilizer is designed to be easily soluble in humid conditions.

This Borate fertilizer comes in granule and powder forms. They can be applied freely to the soil around the crops in a free and easy manner. Our borate fertilizers can dissolve easily into the soil in humid weather, without extra watering or needing to wait for the rain.

Additionally, they can also be dissolved in water and applied to the leaves of crops. This application method can be employed if you see Boron deficiency symptoms in the leaves. This is also useful for plants where the roots are inaccessible for certain reasons.

Oil palms are particularly susceptible to Boron deficiency. They can show symptoms very early on. If there symptoms are left untreated, it is possible for the palm to eventually die. Here’s how you know your palms or other crops need Boron:

  • Stunted growth, especially in younger plants
  • Cracks in trunks, fruits and petioles
  • Leaves and fronds show signs of browning and curling
  • Shorter roots that don’t look for water efficiently
  • Strangely shaped fruits, flowers and parts of the tree.
  • Smaller fruit bunches and lesser bunches for every harvest season

EverMax Borate Fertilizers are formulated to be used alone, or as part of a fertilizer blend. Add it to your fertilizer mixtures today for a complete nutritional supplement for your crops. Your crops will definitely thank you in the long run.


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