Controlled Release NPK Fertilizers: Uniformed and Customized Nutrient Supply

NPK fertilizers are also known as Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium fertilizers. These three elements are the main nutrients for plants in general. They are also the minerals that the plants consume the most. NPK fertilizers are used for almost all crops in the world, from cash crops to plantation crops like oil palms, rubber, cocoa, corn and grains. Each of these three elements has their own unique functions in plants.

Nitrogen (N) is a key component of amino acid, the form in which some plants store energy. In addition to that, plants also need Nitrogen to perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the way plants make food for themselves, using water, sunshine and chlorophyll, which is the part of the plants that name them green.

Phosphorus(P) in plants play an important part in the formation of flowers and fruits, as well as in the production of seeds. Phosphorus can be found in every cell of the plant, as it’s an element in the plant’s DNA, which means plants cannot grow or produce new cells without P. It’s also integral for the structural integrity of plants and the formation of new roots.

Potassium (K) determines the quality of fruits, seeds and leaves that are sold in the marketplace. Potassium has to be adequate for the size, shape, taste, color and even sweetness of commercially viable parts to be accepted and to be considered fit for the market.

NPK can be lost from the soil due to various causes, including overplanting, flooding, and the like. Farmers and planters depend heavily on NPK fertilizers to optimize the production of their crops. Studies have shown that plants that lack NPK produce up to 40% less fruits, seeds and leaves.

Regular NPK fertilizers can be found in both powder and granular forms. However, modern technology has given us many innovations on how NPK can be better applied to plants, such as the latest Controlled Release Technology (CRT) method.

The Modern and Innovative Controlled Release Technology (CRT)

The research and development team here at Everchem has adapted some of the latest technologies in fertilizer science to bring you our very own CRT NPK fertilizer. This fertilizer wraps the NPK minerals up in polymer coats for better application. The benefits of CRT include:

  • A uniformed and balanced release of nutrients for the plants. This reduces the risk of toxicity or poisoning due to an oversupply of one mineral over another.
  • No fertilizer burn effect due to oversupply of fertilizers in the ground that can damage roots or trunks.
  • Standardized uptake of minerals for the entire plant, meaning that every part of the plants get an equal amount of minerals and can grow at an equal rate.
  • The fertilizer has a very long life-span and can last in the ground for 9 to 12 months without the need to re-application.
  • Cost cutting and cost effective as fertilizer only has to be applied once a year or two at most, and less fertilizer is needed per hectare compared to conventional NPK granules.
  • Environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for the plantation’s surroundings and workers.
  • 100% Nitrogen release , which means none of the nutrients get wasted into the surroundings.

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Everchem is committed to providing CRT NPK fertilizers to suit the specific need of your crops. This is evident in our line of EverMax CRT NPK fertilizers. Ready made products include:

  • NPK 20/9/12+3Mg0+TE
  • NPK 8/8/8  +2MgO
  • NPK 18/7/9  +2MgO
  • NPK 18/6/8

Other NPK rations can be tailor-made upon request. Just let us know the ratio you require and we will manufacture it for you. Every plantation and crop is unique, and we’re here to make sure your crops get the best they deserve!