5 Ways To Boost Daebak Borate Fertilizer’s Efficiency

Borate fertilizers supply Boron to your oil palm trees. We’ve already covered the importance of Boron for oil palms and plants in general. Suffice to say, it’s an important main element for nutrition and metabolism.

When you see that you plantation is low in Boron, and you purchase our Daebak Borate Fertilizers, there are a few ways to make it work better.

The first step is to understand how Borate fertilizers lose efficiency. Borate fertilizers are lost through leaching, volatilization, nitrification and more. Inefficient use of borates can lead to wastage, pollution and increased running cost.

Here’s how you can give the Borate fertilizers you buy, a boost:

Uniformed application

Fertilizers pellets can sometimes clump together due to moisture of other factors. If this is the case, you’ll have to dry them out. Clumped up beads of fertilizers can often cause uneven fertilizer application. Some parts of the soil will be over-fertilized while others will be under –fertilized. An even spread will boost the fertilizer’s effectiveness for the oil palms and prevent leaching or fertilizer burn.

Using GPS mapping and Soil Testing

Modern technology like GPS maps can give you an overall view of your plantation without the need for you to hire a helicopter or buy any expensive equipment. GPS maps can be found online, in places like Google Maps.

Once you divide your entire plantation into square zones, you can work more efficiently by identifying which zones need fertilization and which ones do not. Each zone should also be regularly tested to see whether they lack Borate, so that you don’t apply fertilizers in zones where the nutrients are still enough.

Adopt a Dual Application System

There have been certain studies that have found that having two application systems will increase fertilizer absorption by crops. These two applications are via soil spreading and foliar spray. Plants that were given Borate fertilizers via these two methods were more productive than plants that were only given the dry soil pellets or powders. In fact, foliar spray is the preferred method for Boron application in many plants.


Split Your Dosage

Adult oil palms need about 100-200 grams of Borate fertilizers per palm per year in general. This amount should be adjusted accordingly if symptoms of Boron deficiency or Boron toxicity appear.

In order to avoid either one, you can split your Borate application process to twice a year instead of one. Start by giving each palm about 100 grams somewhere in February to March. This gives you time to gauge the oil palms’ reaction to the fertilizers, and then you can decide whether the palms need a phase two of another 100 grams in September- October.

Don’t Mix Boron with Nitrogen When Applying

Recent research by some Malaysian scientists has found that Nitrogen affects the availability of Boron to oil palms. This means that certain types of fertilizers containing Nitrogen limit the absorption of Boron by oil palms.

In order to maximize the uptake of Boron by you oil palms, try to have separate applications times between Boron and NPK fertilizers. High concentrations of N in the form of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate seem to interfere with B uptake In a negative way. Allow at least a month or two between applications.

Daebak is here for all your Borate needs and more. Customize your borate fertilizer with us today for maximum effect at the most reasonable cost.